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In the fall of 2013 I was in a bad mood. It was­n’t that any­thing bad was going on in my life, I was just annoyed and need­ed to do some­thing that was­n’t what­ev­er I was doing. Some­where in there, a good friend called let­ting me know that she had air­line miles that were going to expire in weeks, and she had no way of using them. I am not cer­tain if Calvin­ists use South­west Air­lines, but they prob­a­bly should. With only three days open in my sched­ule, I packed a small back­pack with a cou­ple of changes of clothes, a dig­i­tal cam­era with one prime lens, a $25 plas­tic film cam­era and a $19 cam­era that I had pur­chased at Good­will a few months pri­or. There were a few trains involved, but for most of the jour­ney I just walked. I need­ed the exercise. 

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