• Whimsical

  • Sophisticated

  • Solitary

  • Regal

  • Poised

  • Playful

  • Ornery

  • Numeric

  • Enigmatic

  • Mysterious

  • Metropolitan

  • Jubilant

  • Inviting

  • Fierce

  • Enigmatic

  • Elegant

  • Dynamic

  • Diminutive

  • Contrary

  • Comforting

  • Clumsy

  • Charismatic

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In 2011, I spent a great deal of time looking down. I had grown quite accustomed to this while working on a collection of images. At some point (and to be fair it’s easy to fabricate a colorful story, but that would be dishonest), I noticed that the coneflowers in the front yard of my house had spread dramatically and somehow just about every butterfly in the neighborhood found my yard to be an amusement park. In my experience, almost every photographer photographs the butterflies and beautiful flowers on a bright, sunny day. Naturally I found my camping knife, yanked a handful out of the yard and brought them into my dark and air conditioned studio for further examination.

Earlier in my career I came to the realization that every flower is as unique as any person that I have ever come across. Each has a personality and a stage of life. From human eyes, it is impossible not to find human qualities in them after long hours and weeks of study. Visual artists get asked one question almost above any other: “How long did that take you?” Most of the time I have no answer as I was too busy creating to think about it. The time spent thinking about the time spent in creating something is time spent not creating something else, and that can be unsettling. This random side note aside, “The Curious World of Cone Flowers” took 14 months to photograph. The collection consists of 22 images. When viewing the collection, I encourage you to look for bugs and spiderwebs. There is far more to these subjects than you might think at first glance. Stare at them long enough, and you might start seeing things that aren’t even there.

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