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Peo­ple are com­plex. We are ever-chang­ing and in some aspects, we are a dif­fer­ent per­son every day of our lives. A cam­era is an inter­est­ing device as once the shut­ter is clicked, a moment that instant­ly ceased to exist is immor­tal­ized in two dimen­sions. With a flash of light, each moment in these col­lec­tions last­ed only 1/125 sec­ond. In 2010, I had the hon­or of spend­ing time with these amaz­ing peo­ple and dur­ing each of these ses­sions I was changed. It would be impos­si­ble for an artist to ever ful­ly know their sub­jects, and I won’t claim that my obser­va­tions are accu­rate or have any basis in fact. This col­lec­tion was based on the sim­ple chal­lenge of find­ing a sin­gle word that expressed how I viewed these mag­nif­i­cent peo­ple dur­ing a sin­gle cap­ture, and, in the end, that was­n’t that sim­ple after all. 

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