flower-photography-art-6“It’s always in the last place you look.” Many people miss the humor in this statement. The reality is, once we find something we stop looking. To continue looking would be contrary to logic.

At its peak, however, art is devoid of reason. Once an idea becomes ingrained in one’s mind, other ideas soon follow, creating a whirlwind of thought. When pursuing the art of photography with love and passion, any perceived destination is never the end of the road. There is always another hill to climb or road to travel, a seemingly infinite set of creative goals and photographic tools to refine.

Every great journey has setbacks, failures, and heartbreak. For each accomplishment, numerous weaknesses reveal themselves, and there are a vast number of dead ends along the way. If the challenge of refinement and growth were ever to end, the journey would stop and another endeavor would surface.

The body of work presented before you can be summed up as travel photography. More precisely, this collection presents what can be found at the dead ends along the way when a traveler chooses not to accept them as failure.

There is a great reward waiting when we open our eyes.

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